Gazing boys

What the HECK is she DOING?!

Just so you know, I am getting ready for when I get my new laptop. In case you find me on Dreamwidth and see the exact same things you see here. I am going to have two or more journals so I can have different comms and fandoms, and I already have a profile on DeviantArt even though I have no art there yet. Also, I will be getting another site profile where I can put my fics. I even have a website I am going to get up and running soon. I tell you, it sucks not having a pc at home! It will get all sorted out in the end, however. So, bear with me, in case it gets confusing or I post the wrong thing and break the internet! lol See ya around!
ps I am going to use the username Dreamboatdreamer70 on other comms like Deviantart and Dreamwidth, among others that I may need to inform you just in case you might want to find me!
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Gazing boys

Now I feel sea-worthy! lol

I went shopping last night instead of library, got what I'd wanted for Christmas w/o even asking Santa first (inside joke there! wink) I got a peacoat! I look so nautical now!! lol (im so silly!)
Gazing boys

Instant happy-boost!!

I cheer and squee with delight whenever I watch M&C videos, here are favorites (wii wont let me add links, copy & paste..darn wii..) anangelofthedark made 'Jack Aubrey a dedication'
(Do you ppl have ANY idea how much I lovelovelove M&C?? JACK!!STEPHEN!!SURPRISE!!!SQUEEE!!!!)
also another video I like is called Master and Commander: Boccerini (lovely slashy hints for those who look!)
God I love naughty bits...hee hee... happy watching!!!XD
Gazing boys

Stuff to come...

I'm tired..staying up late isn't good...*yawn
I can't make hugish posts on this console but I am planning to get my butt to the library asap.
In the meanwhile...I need a nap...don't need a computer to dream..sigh..
Gazing boys

Just a quickie..

I had a strange dream today, long before I did some community reading (wink)! In my dream I heard a voice telling me I was to be a hostage, but Paul Bettany would rescue me, then I saw I was tied or handcuffed and led in a line, either in a field or on a roof, not sure. I looked up, and saw Paul there, (tall, lithe, so handsome & sexy) with others, a crowd, spectators? His blue eyes told me that everything's gonna be alright now. Then I woke up. What the heck does it mean?